Beyond the Mirror
Welcome to Beyond the Mirror’s website

If there is to be peace in the world there must be peace in the home.
Violence in the home is everyone’s problem.
Each of us must be part of the solution.
We must do all that we can in the time that we have.

This site provides:
  • A free e-book of poetry on psychological abuse; (click on book cover below)
  • Information on unhealthy/abusive relationships;
  • How we can help as individuals and as communities.
Our mission is to work for peace in homes by distributing information about unhealthy/violent relationships; suggesting ways to help individuals in such relationships; and empowering and affirming victim/survivors.

What is the book Beyond the Mirror about?
The book was written to shine light on the darkness of pain and suffering that victims experience when cutting words and demeaning nonverbal behaviors are perpetrated by their intimate partners. Many individuals in abusive relationships do not recognize that the behaviors of their partner are abusive, especially if the abuser does not punch, strangle, rape, or push her or him down stairs. The physical elements of abusive relationships are easily recognized by society, but the cunning and cruel use of words that hurt and control another person is not well understood.

Families, friends, and neighbors often find it difficult to understand why victims stay in abusive homes. Some have difficulty being supportive because they don't understand the dynamics and control of emotional/psychological abuse. The book Beyond the Mirror, uses poetry to cast light on these abuses.

Beyond the Mirror is available electronically at no cost. Click on the "e-book" tab or the book cover on the home page. Hard copies are available in small quantities at no cost (depending on availability) or in larger quantities at a low cost. For queries, click "Contact us". For a review of the book click BOBz book reviews.