Beyond the Mirror
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If there is to be peace in the world there must be peace in the home.
Violence in the home is everyone’s problem.
Each of us must be part of the solution.
We must do all that we can in the time that we have.

This site provides:
  • A free e-book of poetry on psychological abuse; (click on book cover below)
  • Information on unhealthy/abusive relationships;
  • How we can help as individuals and as communities.
Our mission is to work for peace in homes by distributing information about unhealthy/violent relationships; suggesting ways to help individuals in such relationships; and empowering and affirming victim/survivors.

  • Criticize the abuser.
  • Confront the abuser.
  • Insist that the victim/survivor take specific actions.
  • Be judgmental.
  • Assume a counselor role; leave that to the experts.
  • Be silent. Silence may feel like rejection or judgment.
  • Do not give up.
If you feel angry or frustrated, remember…
  • Anger and frustration is more appropriately directed towards the abuser.
  • You may need to step back.
  • Recognize your limitations and boundaries when abuse is happening to a competent adult.
  • Don’t blame the victim/survivor for decisions that person feels she/he needs to make.

As I go through this divorce
I will need you family and friends,
To hear my late night phone calls,
And welcome me at your door.
Please don't be judgmental,
Don't ask me too many questions.
Just be there to listen,
Because I will need your hugs.

I know the time will pass,
When I will be on my feet again,
But just for now please carry my pain.
The lightning and clashing thunder,
Will turn into a shower of sunny and fresh rain,.
I need all of you.

-Jaymee Chanen, from Ruby Slippers,
Finding Your Way Home from Emotional Abuse.

North Star Press, St. Cloud, MN, 2008.
Reprinted with permission.
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