Beyond the Mirror
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If there is to be peace in the world there must be peace in the home.
Violence in the home is everyone’s problem.
Each of us must be part of the solution.
We must do all that we can in the time that we have.

This site provides:
  • A free e-book of poetry on psychological abuse; (click on book cover below)
  • Information on unhealthy/abusive relationships;
  • How we can help as individuals and as communities.
Our mission is to work for peace in homes by distributing information about unhealthy/violent relationships; suggesting ways to help individuals in such relationships; and empowering and affirming victim/survivors.

Why do people stay?
When there is violence, why don’t they just leave?

For most people in any situation, ending a relationship is not easy. Often, someone in a battering relationship has strong emotional ties to the partner that support hopes that the violence will end. There are numerous financial, social, familial, psychological, and other pressures that make leaving difficult. Sometimes leaving is a significant risk to the survivor and the children. Many victim/survivors love their abusers; they just want the abuse to stop.

If your friend/family member chooses to remain in an abusive environment, consider discussing your feelings and concerns with an advocate who can be reached by calling a local family violence advocacy service. Individuals in those agencies might have some suggestions that can help you to help your friend/loved one.

Leaving does not necessarily end the abuse.

Read “Why on Earth Does She Stay” found in the e-book